Banh Mi Hap – Steamed Bread

Banh Mi Hap! It’s ground beef with julienne jicama. A very unique dish! My mother in Vietnam feed the family by selling bread on the street side of Saigon. (Here’s a picture when she was probably in her teens at the time. Unfortunately, not a very good quality picture.) IMG_0194

So we had plenty of bread on slow days.  My older siblings would tell me that she would sliced and dried them to preserve them. She is one never to waste any food. And once in awhile when we can afford ground beef, she would sprinkled some of them with water and voila… this is how we would eat them.  Beautiful memories that just stay with you forever.  And each time I eat this dish… there’s a big smile on my face. 🙂 So.. .You just pile the filling on the steamed slices of bread, top it with mints, herbs & lettuce and dip in the fish sauce. That’s it! YUM!


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