Vietnamese Seaweed Soup – Canh Rong Bien

Seaweed Soup! (Canh Rong Bien) Here’s an unusual and exotic dish that few may ever have a chance to enjoy – unless they make it for themselves! It takes patience, but it’s so worth the time. Plus, a large pot will feed a family for days. Most of the preparation time involves boiling the seaweed again and again, a half-dozen times or more, to get it clean and rinse away all the sand.
The broth is chicken stock, which gets hardier with the addition of deep fried chicken that is then slow-simmered in the soup until it’s super-tender. Seasoned with roasted dried Clementine or Tangerine peels and ginger root!
O-M-Goodness, this takes me back to my childhood in Saigon. Yum.1



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