Yesterday’s unsold bread…

Banh mi hap – steamed baguette slices with ground beef and jicama. This is probably the Vietnamese version of hamburger. It takes me back to my childhood when my mom sells bread on the streets of Saigon, when yesterday’s unsold bread became today’s meal. It’s so unique! Especially with the lettuce wrap, which goes on the outside to hold it all together when you dip it in the nuoc mam Cham! As you bite into it… You get the sweetness and the crunch of the jicama and seasoned beef … Omgoodness!

10805016_10152287754317242_1718962285_n 10748911_10152287752477242_177372722_n

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  1. Hannah says:

    yummy!!! Would you please let me know how you can make it? I need your recipe. Thanks!

    1. I will try to make a video when my other writing projects slows down. 🙂 Thanks for being patience.

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