Xôi Nếp Than – Black/Purple Sweet Glutinous Rice

Happy Friday!
Growing up in Canada, I’ve been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, I do try my best to keep up with it as an adult. I mostly eat dinner left overs for breakfast or anything that I wake up craving for.

But, did you know that the most popular breakfast we eat in Viet Nam is usually sweet rice wrapped in banana leaf? It’s something quick and easy before we start our day. Here’s one of my very favorite versions. Xoi nep than – Black/Purple glutinous sweet rice with mung beans – topped with shredded coconut and a mixture of toasted sesame seeds, sugar and salt.

It always takes me back to the alley where the lady sold them. It’s so nostalgic for me to recall the vendors carrying a yoke of wood with a basket on each end to carry these. Today, it only takes a bite – to sweep me back to such fond childhood memories.


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  1. Priscilla says:

    My favorite deserts. Beautiful photos.

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