Jn – Grilled Rainbow Trout Wraps (Cá Nướng)

If you follow me on my Instagram, you’d see how I’ve been feasting this past Memorial week. Though it may all look fancy and expensive, but it really isn’t when you can whip up these dishes at home. Here’s one of the dishes we had – Grilled Rainbow Trout Wraps. Yes, you read right. I simply seasoned the fish with slices of lemon, charcoal sea salt and fresh ground black peppercorn. Just enough seasonings to cover the entire fillets. And then drizzled with some EVOO. These then are served with romaine lettuce, fresh herbs, mints, slices of cucumbers, pineapples and bell peppers. Also, the fixing for the fish, is crushed roasted peanuts, fried onion flakes and scallions in oil. Wrap in moistened rice paper and dipped in the pungent fermented fish sauce – Mam Nem. Or if you’re not as adventurous, you can just dip in our ginger fish sauce. It’s an interactive meal and so super healthy.

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  1. Janet says:

    Jan cooking channel is awesome have made quite a few dishes and they are amazing , she is very clear on the step by step how to. Highly recommended

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