Bún Riêu – Vietnamese Crab Tomato Soup

Hi guys how about Bún Riêu – Vietnamese Crab Tomato Soup?
There are numerous way to make this scrumptious and flavorful soup.
A combination of slight tomato tartness, sweetness from pork neck bones
and a dash of saltiness from the minced crab make this version seriously yummy.
So, here’s my take on it.

Here’s what you will need:
7 Ripe tomatoes
2 Packages of Tofu Puffs
1 ½ lb Pig Hocks
3 ½ lb Pork Neck Bones

For the Rieu:
½ lb Minced Shrimp
3 Large Eggs
1 Lb Ground Pork
2 Jars of Crab Paste (Pantai Brand)
3 Tbsps Minced Garlic

1 tsp Salt
1 Tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Ground Black Pepper
1 tsp Granulated Garlic

Topping Options:
Shredded Banana Blossoms
Shredded Morning Glory (Chinese Water Spinach)
Shredded White Cabbage
Fresh Herbs & Mints
Chopped Green Onion & Cilantro Mix
Lemons & Thai Chili Peppers

Have ready some cooked Vermicelli noodles



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