Where to stay in Bangkok?

Where to stay in Bangkok? The one thing I’ve always hated in any city is traffic – and in Bangkok, the traffic never sleeps. So, it’s always very important that we find a place that has everything we love within walking distance… from shopping, to great eateries, to grocery stores and produce markets all within walking distance.
Trust me, with the heat and chaos and delays of traffic, it’s a crucial factor for maximizing your relaxation and avoiding stress. On this trip, my sister found an AirBnB condo situated right in the heart of Petchuri Road. It was ideal, a contemporary highrise with air conditioning right next to the Platinum Fashion Mall and a 15 minute walk to Siam Paragon, MBK and Central World. (there was always easy access to the handy Skyrail too)

July is the Monsoon season in Bangkok, and boy it is so convenient to be able to walk thru the Platinum Mall to access the skywalks all the way to Central World without getting drenched! So, if you like good food, shopping convenience and cost-savings, look for available Airbnb hotels, condos and apartments in area of Petchaburi and Ratchathewi.

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  1. lovefaridi says:

    This is awesome and thanks for the tip 🙂 your sister could be your twin!

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