Jn Grilled Coconut Chicken Skewers

Struggling to find something special to make for the upcoming long weekend? How about some Grilled Coconut Chicken Skewers? These are so flavorful and a fantastic finger-licking treat. Check it out!

Jn Grilled Coconut Skewers
List of Ingredients:
4 lbs Boneless & Skinless Chicken meat (~12 Drums or Thigh meat)
12 Bamboo Skewers
1 ½ Tbsps of Minced Garlic
6 Green Onion Tips Thinly Sliced
2 Tbsps of Finely Minced Shallots

4 tsps Salt
1 ½ Tbsps Granulated Garlic
¼ tsp Ground Black Pepper
4 Tbsps Sugar
½ Cup Coconut Milk
1 ½ Tbsps Honey

Honey Glaze Mixture:
3 Tbsps of honey
2 Tbsps Sugar
1/2 Cup Hot water
½ tsp Granulated Garlic
Combine the above and stir well to dissolve all your ingredients.

Happy Eating!


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