Jn Grilled Rainbow Trout – Ca Nuong Cuon

It’s starting to get cold with the blast of the Autumn breeze. Early grey, drizzly, cold morning and the start of short evenings light makes me miss that warm sunny day grilling rainbow trout for fish wraps. This is such a fun interactive recipe and would work well with any kind of fish your heart desires. The best part? It’s super healthy and extra tasty!

I just seasoned these babies with a light brush of extra virgin olive oil (to help sealed in the moistness), a sprinkle of granulated garlic, charcoal sea salt, crushed peppercorn and lemon slices (which always helps tame the fishy fishy scent). To finish it off, scallions in oil, fried crispy shallots and crushed roasted peanuts.

Best served with slices of cucumbers, pineapple, slivers of bell peppers, shavings of tarty apples, fresh herbs and mints and lettuce. The options are endless, you can add sour mango, star fruits… etc. Roll them all together and dip in a sweet, salty and spicy fermented fish sauce. (Click here for the recipe) Now, just sit back and see who can rock their rolls as the conversations pour forth …

Happy rolling!

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  1. dennisjn says:

    Beautiful photo – and the video makes my mouth water! Very nice!

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