Jn Orange-Hued Nem Nuong Sauce

“Have you been to Brodard’s?” “They have this amazing orange sauce.” “We gotta hit Brodard’s! ” “This sauce – there’s nothing like it – especially with their nem nuong rice paper rolls… ”

That’s the chorus I hear every time I visit fellow foodies in Orange County, CA. The line of customers waiting at the door is proof that my friends know what they’re talking about. Word is definitely out about Brodard’s being a favorite destination for their Nem Nuong Rolls amongst many other Vietnamese dishes.

Inside the restaurant, it’s like a buzzing beehive, with swift-footed waiters swirling around the tables – their well-balanced trays of food held high. And it seemed like every other tray is carting orders of the nem nuong rolls and precious little dishes of brodard’s signature dipping sauce.

It was a little bland for my taste to be honest. And many have said it was much better before. The orange-hued, glutinous rice puree is subdued in its flavoring, but it compliments the nem nuong rolls almost perfectly. Almost. As my taste buds deciphered the ingredients and seasonings I could imagine how the slightest extra touch of sweetness and a hint of salt would make it just right – for me. So here’s my take for this sauce which I think you will love.

If you try this recipe, let me know how it turns out for you. I would love to hear your feedback.

Happy eating my friends.

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  1. Dennis Douda says:

    Cool video! Makes me crave these rolls RIGHT NOW! lol

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