Jn Shrimp Wrapped in Beancurd Sheets Tàu Hũ Ky Cuộn Tôm

Happy Friday my dear foodie friends,

As promised here’s the recipe and the complete how-to video is now available on my YouTube Channel.  So grab the ingredients and cook along with me and get ready for Sunday Dim Sum. ENJOY!!!

Servings: 12 Rolls

List of Ingredients:

½ lb shrimp finely minced
½ lb shrimp roughly chopped
3 Green onions chopped
1 package of Beancurd Sheets (cut into 4 inch X 6 inch)

Filling Seasonings:
½ tsp salt
1 Tbsp Corn Starch
½ Tbsp Sugar
½ Tbsp Granulated Garlic

Corn Starch Slurry:

2 Tbsps
¼ Cup Hot Water

1 Tea Towel
Oil to fry


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