Gold Fish Dumpling with SPAM

Delicate and delicious SPAM Goldfish Dumplings!  Not only will they add a touch of delight for the guests at your table, they are amazingly easy to make thanks to the reliable and super-versatile family favourite – SPAM!

Because the seasonings in SPAM are already just right, this recipe requires no measuring.  Half of one can of SPAM and one avocado make enough filling for about 24 dumplings.  I honestly have NEVER made a recipe that required no seasonings whatsoever – EXCEPT this one!   Awesome.    

And if you’re intimidated by the graceful little fish shapes – DON’T BE!  You’ll see in my video below how quick and simple they are to fold with a few pinches and snips here and there. 

I also love the way SPAM has now reduced the sodium in all its products in a way that you’ll never miss the salt.  Even better, for this goldfish dumpling recipe, I used the 25% reduced sodium SPAM.  If you haven’t checked out the SPAM section in the canned meats aisle of your grocery store lately, you may be amazed.  There are so many options for health conscious consumers featuring reduced calories, lower sodium and up to 50% less fat. 

I always have fun experimenting with SPAM in the kitchen, whether to create new recipes or to add a fresh flare to traditional dishes.  And I feel confident the results will be great, because SPAM’s made with 100% pure pork and ham. Plus, when you’re pressed for time, it’s SPAM to the rescue because it’s already thoroughly cooked.  In the case of these cute goldfish dumplings, they only need 2 minutes of pan-frying to reach golden brown perfection.  Gotta love that!

I found loads of creative recipe ideas at  – from comfort foods to gourmet goodies.

Okay – all this SPAM talk is making me hungry!  Back to my crispy fried goldfish.  I’m embellishing their Bling with touches of edible gold leaf.  And, to add a little extra Zing, I like to dip mine in soy sauce with a dash of wasabi paste!   YOWZA!!!  How do you SPAM?  

Servings: 24 Dumplings

1/2 Can of SPAM 25% Low Sodium
24 Wonton/Dumpling Wrappers
1 Ripe Medium Avocado

Cooking Oil
Serve with Soy Sauce & Wasabi Paste

Happy eating!!!


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