JN Coconut Cater Drop Cake

Enjoy these simple to make yet so impressively refreshing Coconut Water Drop Cakes. Servings: 22 Halves 3 inch ball pit balls Ingredients: 1/2 tsp Agar Powder 2 2/3 Cups Coconut Water 2 Tbsps Granulated Sugar 1/4 Cup Sweeten Coconut Powder 11 – 4 Inch wide banana leaf Strips Round Toothpicks Happy Eating! jn

Vietnamese Savory Baked Coconut Flan – Banh Gan Nuong

Savory Baked Coconut Flan – Banh gan nuong I love my mom!  So when it comes to recipes like this… it always take me back to her kitchen. And this is one of my favorites.  So let me show you how easy it is to make. List of Ingredients: (This recipe will make 6 flans) 1 – 400ml can…